Jury Verdict Validates at $500,000 plus

Last week a Sacramento County Jury found in favor of The Wright Law Firm’s client. The auto accident case involved a collision on a residential street and the insurance company blamed our client for the accident and his injuries.  They asked the jury to award no more than $6,500.  After hearing all the evidence presented by Timothy Wright, Esq., the jury awarded over 50 times the amount offered by the defense plus additional costs.

Gavel and Law Book

The Wright Law firm recovers $725,000 in damages for personal injury to Carmichael woman

A Carmichael grandmother and housewife was injured when a portion of a ceiling fell striking her in the head.  Initially she sought chiropractic care for her pain.  However, as time went on, it became evident she needed neck surgery and she underwent spinal fusion.  The defense initially denied liability and sought to minimize her damage recovery.  Timothy Wright and his staff at The Wright Law Firm in Roseville recovered $725,000 in damages for her pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Auto Accident Case Settled

The Wright Law Firm Settled another personal injury auto accident case and our client received her settlement funds today.  The client was thrilled to recieve her injury compensation.  We were gratified when she told us we “truly” lived up to our name as personal injury lawyers.  We are always pleased to learn our client’s value our personal injury auto accident services in Sacramento and Placer County.

Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin Injury Case Results

$375,000 – Slip & Fall

$250,000 – Car Accident onNeighborhood Street

$225,000 – Motorcycle Collision

$217,000 – Spine Injury, disputed damages

$175,000 – Eye Injury, disputed liability

$175,000 – Car Accident – Shoulder Injury

$100,000 Limits – Uninsured Motorist Limits Case

$100,000 Limits – Broadside Collision

$100,000 Limits – Motor Vehicle Collision, Rear End

$100,000 Limits – Broadside to Van

$100,000 Limits – Child Passenger in Vehicle

$100,000 Limits – Employee Injured on job by Negligent Driver

$100,000 Limits – Motorcycle Collision

$100,000 Limits – Broadside Collision

$100,000 Limits – Collision, red light broadside

$50,000 Limits – Car Accident, No Damage