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Back and Neck Injury

Back and neck injuries are the most common type of injury in a motor vehicle collision. Back and neck injuries also occur from falls and blunt force trauma. At The Wright Law Firm, we have the expertise in understanding to maximize case results for injury victims who suffered from spinal disc injuries, facet joint injuries, impingement syndromes, spinal fractures, and "soft tissue" muscular ligamentous injury.

Over the years, we have developed expertise working closely together with medical professionals in the areas of chiropractic, pain management, and surgical intervention.  This helps us to utilize medical providers to address the underlying injury while we advocate successfully on behalf of our clients. We understand the debilitating nature of back and neck pain as well as its interference with activities of daily living.  Some back and neck injuries are permanent and will never fully resolve.

In some cases, additional diagnostics may be necessary in the form of MRI films, CT scans, or video fluoroscopy to determine the underlying pain generator. Insurance companies prey on accident victims who simply "tough it out" and fail to obtain proper treatment and diagnostic testing to determine the true nature of their injuries. Don't fall into the defense trap, don't be victimized again, hire The Wright Law Firm today to assist you with your case. Call us from Sacramento and Placer counties at (916) 789-9477

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Jury Verdict Validates at $500,000 plus

Last week a Sacramento County Jury found in favor of The Wright Law Firm’s client. The auto accident case involved a collision on a residential street and the insurance company blamed our client for the accident and his injuries.  They … Continue reading

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The Wright Law firm recovers $725,000 in damages for personal injury to Carmichael woman

A Carmichael grandmother and housewife was injured when a portion of a ceiling fell striking her in the head.  Initially she sought chiropractic care for her pain.  However, as time went on, it became evident she needed neck surgery and … Continue reading

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