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Pedestrian Accidents & Injuries

A pedestrian accident can take many forms and may involve a car, truck, motorcycle or even a bicyclist. Any one of these can have a severe physical impact, even at low speeds, and such an accident can result in injuries of varying severity. It is important to note that injuries which may at first seem mild can have undetected ramifications or develop into more severe situations. It is therefore extremely important that you seek thorough medical attention immediately and continue to pay attention to their condition. If they worsen or new pains or symptoms appear, return for additional medical care and keep all records relating to these visits.

It is also vital that you contact a Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Placer County lawyer as soon as possible. The more time that passes, the more your case may be hindered by lost evidence or the faded memories of witnesses, including the medical personnel and police officers involved. An attorney may well need to conduct an investigation and interviews in order to obtain evidence to support your case. Obtaining legal representation right away thus increases the chances of a positive outcome for your case.

Committed Legal Representation

Attorney Timothy T. Wright offers a free initial consultation to help you onto the path of pursuing the compensation you require.  Having worked for years representing insurance companies, he witnessed how unfairly accident victims were often treated and decided he wanted to work to protect their rights.  He thus established his Roseville personal injury law firm a decade ago, which also serves clients in Sacramento and surrounding areas.  Services are rendered on a contingency fee basis, which means you don't pay unless your case is successful.

Contact a Roseville pedestrian accident attorney if you have been injured due to an accident as a pedestrian.

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